Daily drawing 24.05.2012



3 thoughts on “Daily drawing 24.05.2012

  1. fantastic work each of these – say, my wife and I are trying to piece together materials and process involved in these works, we like them so well. India or artist’s inks? Collage? Do you mind sharing what you’re using in these? I also note you categorize them under “digital” and “Iphoneart” so perhaps I am way off. Thank you

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for taking the time to look at my work. Im really pleased youre enjoying the work.
      At the moment im using a variety of methods to produce the images. India ink, paint and of course photos. I take photos of the drawings with my iphone and then use iphone apps such as snapseed to edit the images.
      I sometimes use GIMP directly on my laptop and then send the image to my iphone and finish the edit there.

      Hope that helps You.. Dont hesitate to contact me if You have any further questions… Take care. Nik

      1. Thanks a lot! That does help – we’re not too familiar with the apps and editing but sure enjoy the look of your work. Glad to have found it!

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