Daily drawing 23.01.2013

IMG_8866I usually blog from my telephone and dont have the patience to write using the tiny keyboard on my phone! However today i decided to go back on my pc and try and do some proper blogging for once…

The images that ive been putting up for the last couple of months have all been produced using my telephone and photos that I’ve edited using the iphone apps such as Snapseed,Dynamic Light and Pic grunger. I also use an app called montage which allows me to create these collage effects that I really like.

Back in November I exhibited for the first time some of these iphone images and have been surprised by the positive reaction from the public. Surprise and intrigued by the fact that we can use a telephone to now create art is the general comment…..

OK thats all for now but I will be back with some further reflections and comments over the next couple of weeks..



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