Eno,Madonna and Green Worlds

Another green world

Music is an important part of my life and has accompanied me throughout. There is some music which is more important than others and there is music that I’ve listened to for many years and continue to do so.

I thought it would be fun to let You know what Im listening to especially when I’m working on my artwork as it can sometimes be very important to understand what is going on ‘behind the scenes’

Brian Eno – Another green world

Like most people of my generation Brian Eno was the wonderful crazy character in the already excessively flamboyant glam rock band ‘Roxy Music’

I first saw him on the ‘Top of the Pops’, an institution in the UK in the 1970s, with his feather bowers and rather disconcerting long hair and straight fringe. I remember reading an interview with him where he proclaimed to be an alien from another planet…..

Id already bought the first Roxy album and without a doubt Eno was an important part of what was going on with Roxy.

Then he disappeared and Roxy Music embarked on a less exciting path with Brian Ferry becoming the Noel Coward for the glam generation.

Back in the 70s, saturday afternoons were spent in Downtown Records in Brentwood High street and that is where I first saw the album cover for Eno’s first solo album. Already the artwork was strange with what looked like a dressing table covered with photos of himself. The album as we all expected was strange,quirky difficult and on reflection very british…

I persevered  with Eno for the next couple of albums but it was really ‘Another green world’ that I began to understand what was going on.

By this time I was at Art School and Eno was definitely a darling of the Art School crowd.

He’d being given the approval by the high priest Bowie and that of course was good enough for anybody.

‘Another green world’ however was something different. It had almost a classical music feel and reverence to it. Eno was still singing those quirky lyrics however you could see the signs of what would become his ambience music phase appearing.

The cover was a delight and made even better by the fact that it was designed by Tom Phillips who again was one of my generations art school darlings.

This album remained with me for many years however it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I was at a Madonna concert in Paris that I rediscovered ‘Another green world’ !

Bless Madonna for playing Eno before she came on. I looked around the crowd to see if anyone really understood what was being played but I had the impression that it was way above their heads…. They wanted some remixing..

They played ‘St Elmos Fire’ and I heard the joy that is in that song and really couldn’t wait to get home to dig the album out once again. In a strange way its Madonna who brought me back to this wonderful, strange and beautiful album.


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