For me the discovery of 2011 will no doubt be the possibilities offered by the iphone 4s camera and the applications that can be used with it.

All the photos and images in this gallery have been shot with the basic iPhone camera and then manipulated with a variety of applications, mostly free!

The idea is to shot only with the iphone and retouch the images on the iphone.

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4 thoughts on “iPhonegraphy

  1. I love these. They make me want to get lost in a great children’s book. Just sent my sister “Wonderstruck” and “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” and her 2 year-old sat with them for 20 minutes repeating the words, “Pretty good.” She will no doubt be a critic one day…

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for your message and comments. I loved reading C.S.Lewis as a child so perhaps thats where this images are coming from?…. large empty houses behind brick walls inhabited by mad uncles!
      I saw Hugo Cabret over the christmas holidays and agree with your young critic.. pretty good..
      Take care

  2. We just met us on IG. I’ve checked your blog. Great. I follow you on IG.
    Thanks for giving me your blog link. And again, sorry for my broken english.

  3. Thanks for the comments and taking time to look at my work.. Looking forward to seeing your photos on IG.
    As you can see my photographic work is done on an iPhone4. Which camera do you use for your work?
    By the way your english is perfect!!

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